Saturday, February 28, 2009


Where to start today? The two subjects that instantly ruffle people's feathers...politics and religion. Should I? sigh...maybe I will tackle religion today.
Raised a Roman Catholic, schooled for twelve years in Catholic school, I struggle now with the decision to place my son in religious education because, basically...I think it's all complete and utter crap. It is a fairytale spoon fed to the masses and even today, they eat it up...they fight over it...Over what? Something that can never be proven. It boggles the mind.
So, why the struggle with putting my son in religious education...Sadly, I think it's a more social decision. Won't he wonder why he isn't receiving Communion like everyone else his age? So But we haven't been to the slew of May communions this year, so the questions may come then.
Now, some of religion is good...the basic life lessons and morals. Sure, we all should know these things. But, it's really just common sense, isn't it? Parents should be able to pass these ideals on without having to give in a mandatory collection fee each year. Yes, the envelope counting. Are you up to par? So you give enough of a "donation" every year? The donation that funds putting crown molding in the rectory. I want crown molding, but no one is sending me a envelope to fund it. Oh well, so much for that poverty vow.
The holidays...Hooray for Christmas and Easter. But truthfully, isn't all about Santa and the bunny rather than the actual reason for the holiday? Gifts, gifts, the stores love Christmas. Christmas does make you feel all warm and fuzzy, I'll admit that. But, it's really not because of religion. I think it's the gawdy Christmas sweater...but that's just me.
Okay, that is rant #1....not exactly finished but started...(and I didn't check for errors, grammar know who you are!)

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