Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Hills

Okay, since the much-touted return of Kristin Cavallari, I am completely obsessed with this show.

Okay, some points...

Is any relationship on this show real?of course not. This group is by far the worst reality actors I've seen. Yet, I can't seem to stop watching them!

-Spencer and Heidi...good Lord, that's a train wreck if I ever saw one. I see DIVORCE in their futute. Shocking, I know.

-Audrina...sigh. Stop it already. I swear she is morphing into Lauren Conrad's role on the show. Not going out, avoiding all confrontation...WE the viewers like confrontaion, Aud. Just so you know. Now, get your ass back in the ring. And come on...going on a lunch date with Justin's friend...bad move, Miss Obsessed.

Kristin...NO NO pining over Justin Bobby's cold shoulder. Move the maneater we keep hearing about. They shove the word down our throats enough that it should bare some significance. Right?

Justin...sigh...Beardless and fine. Though, I cannot understand a word the guy mumbles, I really don't care. He is eye candy, and a damned good character.

Brody... on the other hand, is a boring character. Less Brody please.

Jayde...crikeys! She frightens me. Who did her face? He should not be practicing anywhere!

How the hell did the bartender get in the show so much?

The rest of the lot, I could care less about.

I must say, next Tuesday cannot come quickly enough for me.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize 2009

Bullshit....That's the only thing that comes to mind.

After a stunning 12 days in office, they nominate, (that is scary enough) someone who has done nothing but talk. No accomplishments under his belt, no great deed done...nothing.

Gandhi...freakin GANDHI! His name synonymous with peace, and he didn't even get one! How is that possible? But BARACK OBAMA gets one!
Bullshit...there is just no other word.

Lunar Disgrace

Why does crashing into the moon sound like a good idea to anyone, besides the egg-head scientists. Haven't they done enough damge here on Earth? Now, they have decided to expand their reign of disaster outside our own borders and onto anything we can reach our sordid hands! I'm sickened. Hasn't science done enogh damge to our planet? Okay, that aside, is it in the country's best interest right now, during an economic dilemma that has the country broke, people out of this the right time to spend billions on a space mission? That money should be used domestically....there's your health insurance right there. In my opinion, they should just scrap the space program, and take care of the problems right here.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Newest Horror

Okay, in the midst of almost taking a new puppy, we decided maybe we should take care of our dog first. Seriously, in a house full of three little kids, the dog gets zero attention.

So, although she's been biting at her tail the last month, we chose to ignore it. She'd been attcked by some unknown animal upstate, and we just figured that was the problem. She 's not going to the vet unless she's half-dead.

Well, we caved and brought her yesterday.

Our worst nightmare was confirmed. The thing is infested with fleas. Yes, the dog at this point is being reffered to as "the thing".
My skin literally crawls when I think of the fleas in my house. The damned animal lies in my bed half the day!
So now begins the tedious cycle of bombings and sprayings to erradicate the bood sucking bastards.
So, adios puppy....hello, old flea-bitten hound.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Wendy Williams Show

Okay, I have watched this a couple of times. I should be slapped for the return viewing. I do not understand how this is on prime-time .(okay, it's channel nine, I have no idea what the network is anymore. Nor, do I really care)
I thought Tyra Bank's show was cheese ball...but this one. It takes the proverbial (cheese) cake.
Little paper cut-outs of Kardashians...why?
Are these people that interesting...?

Is it me, or does Wendy have Carmella Soprano's accent?

I liked her better the radio, she seemed to have more edge. Her ragging now, is the same stuff we hear over and over again...about people everyone is sick of hearing about.

Come on, Wendy...get raw. This show isn't for need late night.

NO WAY!!!!

Holy crap! I have a follower! Life is is good.

Movie news!

Did I mention the wonderful Chris Keaton has decided to adapt my story, "What's Your Poison?" into a screenplay, and then try to get a short film deal! He sent me a copy of the screenplay and I was delighted. He didn't stray from the story, at all! So far, it's getting good reception at Zoetrope. Next stop Sundance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Okay, every year this is a dilemma. The costumes.
Okay, now, these kids told me they wanted to be Mario and Luigi...deja vu of two years prior when Jack refused to participate in the Halloween Parade because people laughed at his costume. The old "They are laughing with you, not at you" speech went absolutely nowhere.
So, here we are again. Me, thinking I'm the smart shopper, decided to get the Luigi costume ahead of the price hikes. This year, dammit, I would be prepared!

Well, he now he has decided to be Pikachu...
Great. Monkey wrenched thrown.

No matter what happens, the kid will be miserable in the parade...After 3 years of experience, I know what's to come. So this year, he will be sad Pikachu....
and now, I have to get rid of this damn Luigi costume, which btw hasn't arrived yet...

On top of all this, yes, this is alot, Johnny's dinosaur costume is in no way, shape or form going to fit him.


Did I mention story, "Smashng Pumpkins" has been accepted to House of Horror, Issue #6?...
yep. That makes me feel better.

I was accepted into The Dark Fiction Guild :) I am dark, really dark :)