Saturday, October 3, 2009


Okay, every year this is a dilemma. The costumes.
Okay, now, these kids told me they wanted to be Mario and Luigi...deja vu of two years prior when Jack refused to participate in the Halloween Parade because people laughed at his costume. The old "They are laughing with you, not at you" speech went absolutely nowhere.
So, here we are again. Me, thinking I'm the smart shopper, decided to get the Luigi costume ahead of the price hikes. This year, dammit, I would be prepared!

Well, he now he has decided to be Pikachu...
Great. Monkey wrenched thrown.

No matter what happens, the kid will be miserable in the parade...After 3 years of experience, I know what's to come. So this year, he will be sad Pikachu....
and now, I have to get rid of this damn Luigi costume, which btw hasn't arrived yet...

On top of all this, yes, this is alot, Johnny's dinosaur costume is in no way, shape or form going to fit him.


Did I mention story, "Smashng Pumpkins" has been accepted to House of Horror, Issue #6?...
yep. That makes me feel better.

I was accepted into The Dark Fiction Guild :) I am dark, really dark :)

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