Thursday, October 8, 2009

Newest Horror

Okay, in the midst of almost taking a new puppy, we decided maybe we should take care of our dog first. Seriously, in a house full of three little kids, the dog gets zero attention.

So, although she's been biting at her tail the last month, we chose to ignore it. She'd been attcked by some unknown animal upstate, and we just figured that was the problem. She 's not going to the vet unless she's half-dead.

Well, we caved and brought her yesterday.

Our worst nightmare was confirmed. The thing is infested with fleas. Yes, the dog at this point is being reffered to as "the thing".
My skin literally crawls when I think of the fleas in my house. The damned animal lies in my bed half the day!
So now begins the tedious cycle of bombings and sprayings to erradicate the bood sucking bastards.
So, adios puppy....hello, old flea-bitten hound.


PJ Ray said...

haha - Annemarie- you don't sound like an animal lover - I'm wondering why you have a dog...

I'm surprised you haven't been itching.

Horror story - my first husband had a cat and it had fleas - slept in his bed - I didn't know about it. He always came to my house - I never went inside his house until the week we were wed and I was moving in. I know - stupid - but the night after our wedding night in a local bed and breakfast - I actually slept at his house for the first time and on a mattress that was infested with fleas - in the morning my entire body was covered in bumps and I crated the cat (a stray my ex-husband took in and just fed - never took it the vet or paid it any attention- called it "cat" that should tell you how attached he was) I crated the cat and gave it to the first person who answered my "free cat" ad in the paper. Then I flea-bombed the house and bought a new mattress. I don't even want to tell you how many fur-balls I cleaned up or where I found some of them - blech - a hint is...and damn this is story fodder for sure - he never cooked - never had the gas turned on his stove and he didn't own a dresser - so he stored his underwear in the oven like it was a freaking chest of drawers. Is it any wonder the marriage didn't last? haha - God- how stupid of me to never step foot in his house until I was wed and moving in! Seriously, how stupid can you get?!

Annemarie Bogart said... that story needs to go on paper!
Although she is a wretched animal, she is mine :)

Annemarie Bogart said...

Why can't I find whre your home blog is? I find this site so hard to navigate...

PJ Ray said...

my home blog is