Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lesner Can't Even Save Hell In A Cell...


So, the WWE rumor-mill has a possible Brock Lesner return for this Sunday's Hell In a Cell, to help CM Punk retain his championship against the intimidating Ryback. Sure, this sounds like an exciting surprise to an overall lack-luster card...but it makes no sense.

Okay, Punk being a "Paul Heyman Guy" aligns him ith the other Heyman guy, Lesner. And a Lesner-Ryback match-up seems a bit intriguing, even though Ryback's too fast rise to the top of the WWE heap troubles me. I mean, this is Brock Lesner. And he is coming back for Ryback? And coming back for Ryback so he can make sure CM Punk retains the WWE title? Why would he want anyone to have the title besides himself?

With that said, and even though it is a lame segway, I feel certain this will happen. Why? Because the Hell in a Cell card is not worth the PPV price tag. Hell, it's not even Monday Night Raw worthy. Let's break this down match by match...

1) Randy Orton Vs Alberto Del Rio...Why is Del Rio still relevant...or better yet when will the WWE realize he is not. This is a Smackdown match at best.

2) Kofi Kingston Vs. The Miz... Okay, I love Kingston as much as the next person, and it about time the WWE gives this talent his due....but The Miz? I'd much rather see Dolph Ziggler and Kingston....but, since Ziggler does little else but hold on to that Money in the Bank briefcase these days, I can see why this feud hasn't made it to the forefront.

3) Team Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars. The team of Bryan/Kane is a much-needed comedy relief to the current, very long-winded three hour Raw episodes...and have the talent to back it up. Daniel Bryan impresses me more and more. The skill level of Hell No should make this no-brainer, but the WWE has to pretend that Sandow and Rhodes are compatible. (and besides the pathetic Prime Time Players seem to be the only other "heel" team around to face the crowd-loving Hell No team- and no one needed to see that)

4) Shaemus Vs Big Show...This feud was pulled out of thin air, and just reads forced every week we have to swallow it. Big Show just doesn't cut it as the heel anymore. Shaemus should win this one, and retain his is really not a match people really seem to care about...and that is a big problem at the end of the PPV day.

Finally, the big one....CM Punk Vs. Ryback...which, I already covered...Lesner's return to spoil this match and set up a more fitting feud between himself and Ryback (yet giving up any belt hopes) will be how Punk keeps this title. Because there is no way Ryback should hold it.

So, is a possible Lesner's rumored return enough to help people want to buy into to this mess of a card? Not for me...but definitely enough for me to tune into the recently very-boring Monday Night Raw the next night.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

When the commercials are more entertaining than the show...

Yep, I find it happening more and more. And, the thing is, the hilarity is completely unintentional! I'm not talking about the "Where's The Beef", "I Love You Man"- type commercials that make admen break their arms patting themselves on the back. No, that would be too damned easy. And believe my husband, I would never make anything easy.

My fascination began with the macabre pharmaceutical commercials. The cure-alls, that then rattle off a laundry list of potential side-effects from sleeplessness to loss of sexual function to thoughts of suicidal behavior, to possibly making you streak naked and run through your neighborhood with a mega-phone shouting, "I am a Golden God!". Okay, I made the last one up, but is it really that far-fetched? The kicker is the always somber voice-over that instructs the gullible viewer to ask you doctor about whatever Pfizer is selling this week. I may be old-fashioned, but isn't it your doctor's job to figure out what medicines you should be prescribed. Silly me...I thought just the rich had the privilege to request prescriptions.

Now, I move on to the dating site commercials that cushion the two-minute plus breaks between my beloved court shows. You know, like the one where black people meet. My all time favorite is by far the Christian dating site commercial which promises to let God chose a mate for you. Good grief. Really? Okay, let's just for a minute say I believe in religion...Would I seriously buy into the theory that God is signing off on the Christian dating site? If you believe that, you may have been hitting a wee too much of the church wine.

I swear, you can't make this shit up...

Thursday, October 4, 2012



So, the WWE is concerned over the dismal ratings it has received the past couple of weeks. Well, they should be, but, are they really surprised? I had my finger on the fast forward button through about 85% of the show, and let me tell you I was damned grateful for DVR at the time.

What the hell are they doing to CM PUNK? He is even looks bored with the routine at this point. Ever since Heyman came around, this storyline has plummeted. Punk doesn't need a mouthpiece. He's one of the best on-mike talents in the WWE, and has been for some time. I get they needed Heyman to really cement the fact Punk was a heel, but at this point it's like they are force-feeding a toddler spinach. The WWE fans aren't complete morons. Punk, alone, against the WWE  made a more compelling storyline. This is predictably going to end with Ryback kicking Punk's ass...who knows how long that will take. And I'm really not that excited to tune in to find out.

Big Show? Um, what happened to that feud with CM Punk and Cena. All of a sudden, it's Sheamus and Big Show. Yawn. The WWE did a superb job of killing Big Show's fan base. He was much more effective as a good guy. I get it, the WWE is trying to mix things up, trying to get some drama going to make up for the lack of talent and charisma in the locker room. But, let's face it. It just isn't working.

So, what to do? Most likely, bring back a past Super Star. Or pull some aces from their back pocket storage, names like Triple H (but that probably won't happen til closer to Wrestlemania time), The Rock (Royal Rumble Time!), Brock Lesnar (I see this guy going against Ryback)...and maybe the return of Batista, who can eventually also face Lesnar. I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again just for good measure. Please WWE, get Jeff Hardy back when his TNA contract runs out. Pretty please with sugar on top...We'll call it the return of the ratings, as well as a great super star.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Possible Opponents for CM PUNK?

Okay, I just read The Bleacher Report's article on possible opponents for CM PUNK at Hell In a Cell because John Cena, the WWE's seemingly only go-to title shot contender, is hurt. I would list the writer's name, but to tell you the truth I'm too embarassed of his picks to do that.

The only credible one on the list of 5 is Big Show. Why not? Before disappearing off the face of the WWE universe about a month or so ago, he was a huge contender (no pun intended), and in a major beef with both Punk and Cena. Why not give the big man a shot? His time is ticking.

Now to the other ridiculous options: (going from the yawn to the ludacris):

1. Rey Mysterio....Really? Now, I know he's a kid-pleaser and a main "good guy", but seriously? That's is like a third card match on any Monday Night Raw. Thinking of it puts me in a dream-like trance. Yawn.

2. Alberto Del Rio....I just don't know how this guy is continuously considered a top contender. His schtick is old, and quite frankly annoying. His skills are adequate, but he is no show-stopper. To me, Del Rio just isn't main event material. I just have to convince this to Vince McMahon.

3. Triple H....WTF? At this point in the article I was sure the writer may have been deep into a bowl of really intense weed. The Paul Heyman line of reasoning is ridiculous. Maybe the whole Brett Hart/ Cena/ Punk failed on-mike showdown where the WWE couldn't stop force-feeding us the parallels between the Hart/Shawn Micheals and Cena/Punk rivalry. Which would maybe bring in HHH to finally settle the King of Kings is better than HBK debate by defeating the new HBK in Punk because we all know the real HBK isn't coming back anytime soon. Yes, a huge stretch, like lycra over a fat lady's thighs.

4. The Undertaker????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Doesn't this guy realize the WWE has to reserve this guy for Wrestlemania? What the hell kind of feud could possibly be construed to get these guys in a match? A very lame and far-fetched one indeed.

Putting so much faith in Cena year after year has proven to be risky for the WWE. Until now, he always seemed to be up for the task. Time to start putting more eggs in the squared-circle basket.
So, who would I say is the best contender? Seeing The rock is being saved for The Royal Rumble....I would have to say.....

-  Sheamus...why not? Title versus title, that and Punk's bowing out of the match on Labor Day just adds feul to the fire. I think this would be a very worthy top-notch Hell In a Cell Match....and believable. At this point, the WWE really has little or no other option....well, one that doesn't suck, I mean. *cough* Del Rio *cough*....

If we only had Jeff Hardy, him and Punk would be a damned great match....I know, I'm dreaming (though not for much longer- Hardy's TNA contract is up soon!)....and best of all, I'm not yawning!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Rush To Make CM Punk So Ruthless....

UGH...CM Punk poised a good guy could only last for so long, I suppose. How else could he go into a title match at Night of Champions against WWE's golden boy, John Cena? You can't have good against good, it just doesn't happen. Not unless it's an icon match like Triple H Vs. The Undertaker. Let's face it, this match is not that.

Just as Punk's fan popularity steadily began to rise, the WWE decides to make him a heel again. The whole beating up Jerry Lawler thing just bears too much resemblance to the Jack Swagger/ Michael Cole thing last year. Originality people, please. Why oh why would we sink to bullying an over-the -hill announcer, again? It feels so wrong especially amidst the anti-bullying campaign featuring the WWE superstars during every match break. But then WWE is trying to quickly prove how bad CM Punk is...

At this rate, I fear the worst. A Cena victory at Night of Champions, which will lead to a rematch between Cena and The Rock at the Royal Rumble. Double yawn. I really wanted The Rock to take some time from his busy Hollywood schedule to start something with CM Punk, maybe more than via satellite. You can't hold the belt via satellite, Dwayne. Just pointing that out to all those Rock fans. (PS...He's never coming back full time. Why? His acting career is too lucrative, and all without the physical pain that goes along with wrestling full-time in the WWE. If anyone, he knows how it feels.) After Raw's 1000th episode when Punk put The Rock to sleep, the silence has been stunning. Or is this just a way for the The Rock to interfere with Punk and Cena's match. The WWE never leaves a storyline unturned. So, hopefully after The Rock is done filming or promoting his next film, he'll get back to this feud with Punk, not Cena.

Just a final note to all The Rock fans....aren't you all just a little appalled that a part-timer wants to hold the title? Just asking.... I'd take a heel CM Punk over The Rock any day.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stone Cold's Return: a Little Too Much, A Little Too Late

So after many years of fan's anticipation, the WWE is toying with the idea of bringing back Stone Cold Steve Austin. Really? Now? And not until 2014...what? Steve, just in case you didn't know, you are not getting any younger. Will he be chugging beers or prune juice? I love Stone Cold, don't get me wrong, and would have loved to have seen him come back a few years ago...yes, a few years ago, not now. But, I understand with the WWE's lack of charisma in the current roster they rely on comebacks to keep the fan's interest.

So why bring back the the over-the-hill superstar?  After mulling this over in my mind, a few of opponents come to mind. The Rock, two part-time past superstars come to collide on Austin's last fight. Yep, I don't see Austin sticking around more than a year. There will be one feud.   Which leads me to believe in the more possible Wrestlemania match with The Undertaker. If this happens it means my prediction that Wrestlemania 29 will be Undertaker's last will be wrong. Yes, he will come back to take on Austin for 30, and then wrap it up. The Streak should never be broken, let The Phenom go out in style, please. Which again, leaves me scratching my head exactly why Austin would return to lose....My last prediction is Lesnar, which by no means would believably lose to Stone Cold, not now. Maybe back in the day when Austin was in his prime...but no, not now.

So, I am rolling with The Phenom Vs. Stone Cold in Wrestlemania 30. Gimme me a hell yeah...and then let's put these fellows on the shelf. It's time to get the current roster a chance to be better on the mike and stop relying on the past.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Triple H Retire? No way...

The hype and speculation since Triple H's loss to Brock Lesnar at Summer Slam all points to retirement. The WWE superstar's Twitter feeds, the appearance by a very aged Shawn Micheals on Raw last week, the ringside comments by Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler all try to hold the WWE fan's hand and pull them to the conclusion that The Game will finally call it quits and retire. Why not? He is a part-timer now, and holds a big corporate position. His giant loss at the hands of The Beast pretty much sealed his exit. I thought the End of An Era match between HHH and The Undertaker would have been a better way to exit. Which is exactly why The Game is still in it.
The retirement nonsense is going to play out in a storyline, most likely with the Game being angry at "his best friend" for even mentioning such a thing. Last year, I would have went for a Shawn Micheals/ HHH match. Now, after seeing an out of shape Micheals limping to the ring at every appearance, I don't think that would be such a good idea. Shawn, please stay out of the ring and let the fans remember your greatness. If Shawn were to continue with brief backstage or ringside appearances, I would be more than happy. Micheals is hysterical, and his presence is always appreciated. With that said, I in no way shape or form want HHH and Shawn Micheals to get in the ring together to prove who really is the best of the two. It makes no sense, since Lesnar could beat them both. And the way Micheals cowered from Brock at the recent Raw appearances, maybe Lesnar could take them on both at once.
So, what does the future hold for the Game? I see him calling out Lesnar eventually, all leading up to a rematch at Wrestlemania. Lesnar's contract is up, which opens the door for Triple H to prevail and regain his position  in the WWE as The King of Kings, and then retire. He must beat The Beast, simple as that.
Now, if that were true, then The Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar would not happen at Wrestlemania. Which is okay with me. So who will The Undertaker face at Wrestlemania? John Cena would be a good match, but with him all tied up with CM Punk, I'm not sure that will happen. The Rock? Nah, he's after the title. what other name is big enough to try to break the streak? None... So, I am reneging and saying Punk will face The Rock for the championship, leaving John Cena to face The Phenom.

Friday, August 17, 2012

$49.95...Can I justify that PPV price?

Summer of the big WWE events of the year. So enthralled with the return of Shawn Micheals in this whole Lesnar-HHH feud, I have been engaging the thought of pressing in the Pay per View title. So, there I went, ready to have it all set for my DVR....then that's when I saw it...the price. $49.95????? Really. Wrestlemania was only like ten bucks more, and that is the event of the year. I maybe would have thought twice about 39.95.....but 50 bucks? No way. I know what you are thinking, it's only ten dollars more. Buck up, cheapskate. Those same thoughts ran through my mind for a few fleeting seconds,  so I understand them. Then as I set to push the dreaded "okay" command to authorize this robbery, I paused and looked at the torn window screen to the back of my house. And I thought, I bet you Vince cMahon doesn't have a torn screen. Yep, that's all it took. I then reasoned with myself, assuring my inner fan that I would pretty much see everything the next night on Raw, so don't feel so bad.

Which is the truth. With the new extra hour, that leaves plenty of padding. Usually, they just run replays of things that happned that night. Now they will have no choice then to pad that bad boy up with Summer Slam highlights. These are the thoughts that are getting me through this decision.

CM punk will defeat Big Show and Cena. Wouldn't be surprised to see The Rock.
HHH will defeat Lesnar, and a new feud between Micheals and HHH will emerge. Not liking that...Ii would much rather a DX re-occurance than these guys against each other.
Does anyone care about any of the other matches? Okay, let's pretend we do...
I would like to see Dolph Ziggler defeat Jericho. Jericho looks tired and bored to me.
Daniel Bryan will defeat Kane. Bryan is on fire as of late, and Kane is being used as part of the supporting
cast. Most likely a Charlie Sheen appearance, though no one knows quite why.
The Miz will defeat Rey Mysterio...The Miz has the potential to be a better superstar. His mike skills are pretty good. I think with a good storyline, he would improve them. I love Mysterio, but he doesn;t bring anything new to the plotlines. Especially since his duplicate, Sin Cara arrived.
The tag team match...ugh. Why does the WWE hate Kofi Kingston so much? This guy is so under-used it is tragic. Okay, he has a tag team championship belt. So what? The tag teams as of late are pathetic. The Cena/CM Punk tag team AJ threw together last week would easily beat any tag team around today.

After Summer Slam, can Brock Lesnar go away? I can only wish. His schtick is getting tiresome. Heyman helps his cause as his mouthpiece, but how long can The Beast play the same routine. Should he just break everyone is the WWE's arm? Can we just do it in one night and get it over with? I would like to see maybe him and Ryback is he is going to stay around. Lesnar wants to be champ, but he has yet to start a beef with one...One can only ask why?

Thursday, August 16, 2012


WWE Champion CM PUNK has been around for quite some time, but his time in the spotlight for the last few months has been nothing but completely enjoyable. Punk's charisma is something that is lacking in about 75% of the rest of WWE's roster, which is why they have to rely on veterans and comeback wrestlers to stir up any real fan attention. 

I am so glad The Punk has outgrown the ridiculous Nexus nonsense that the fans were spoon-fed way too often a couple of years ago. What has emerged is a very likeable, and very determined CM Punk. His "I deserve respect" rhetoric is getting old, but the truth is, he has an absolute point. The Rock's over-hyped mini-appearances never sat well with me.  Seeing CM Punk slam The Rock on Raw's 1000th episode was sheer awesomeness, and has opened the door for CM PUNK to be a very major player in the ring for years to come. Very nice to see after the ridiculous story-line before Wrestlemania between him and Chris Jericho. I want to see him face The Rock at the Royal Rumble this year, and I hope this victory goes to Punk...just like it should have gone to Cena at the last Wrestlemania. Yep, I said it.

CM PUNK gives me some hope for some personality for the next few years. Cena, and short appearances from HHH and past super-stars can only hold  up the show for so long. The new anti-hero in Punk is just what the WWE universe needed.

AJ, Crazy Like A Fox....

Okay, the WWE divas appearances were always a good time to get up and grab a snack or take a bathroom break. But, AJ is just a whole 'nother story. Since this crazed mentally and verbally abused ex-girlfriend on Daniel Bryan arrived in the limelight Raw audiences have been mezmorized. It's not her looks, because let's be real, she looks very mousy next to the real-life Barbie that is Kelly Kelley. It is her mental instability that has bottle rocketed her popularity. I'm not sure what that says for us as fans, but it all makes for great television.

Since Vince McMahon made her general manager of Raw, the shows are very entertaining, even if the three hours may seem just a wee too long. Let's pretend I believe AJ is putting these matches together. CM Punk and Cena Vs. The Big Show and Bryan? Brilliant. Punk and Cena would make an unstoppable force as a tag team, if they could stop their pretend feud. Their comradary was apparanet during the match. Sometimes the WWE underestimates the fan's eyesight.
I'm not sure when I started to soften and enjoy the ever-looney Miss AJ. Maybe when she skipped out dressed in Kane-inspired attire around the ring, making the Big Red Monster follow her like a rat trailing after that fellow with the flute. Yep, that could be it. Either way, she has single-handedly changed my very low opinion of the WWE Diva, and that in itself is something else.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The New WWE Superstars Can't Live Up to The Legends.

This has bothered me for quite some time. What happened to the pizazz the "old" timers seemed to have that this new meat just don't got. Hear me out before you go shaking your head. Look at the WWE right now. Who do you want to watch? Any of the newer guys? Are you running in from the other room to catch Zack Ryder or Alex Riley? Why did Vince McMahon decide to resurrect The Rock after all these years to headline the biggest night in pro wrestling? One reason, the "new blood" has no character. No one stands apart from the others, and that just may become a problem when the legends really become too old to perform. Seriously, The Phenom looks like he may only have a year or so left in him. How many times is Triple H going to take off the suit to prove he can still lose? How long can Shawn Michaels tease the audience into thinking he's headed back to the ring? How many times can The Rock return? Brock Lesnar? Batista? Booker T? Stone Cold? Yes, we need them all back, simply stated because the current wrestlers are BORING, and if the shows solely relied on them, the arenas would be empty. John Cena is the only constant, and in return, he has half the fans booing the only charismatic player in the ring today.

Okay, let's break down some of the guys I'm talking about (The divas are irrelevant, I think we can all agree on that)

For example, David Otunga- First a back-up singer in Nexus, or was it The Core (both ridiculous, in that it happened almost at the same time. Originality is key, writers.), he resurfaces as a cover boy for Body and Fitness Magazine. Then, he aligns with Team Johnny- great another back-up role. When is this guy going to break out and do something? That is how the people remember you, something out of the ordinary. Hurry, before you disappear. My suggestion- turn on Laurenitus.

Another is Drew McIntyre- I don't know where to start with this fellow. He's been around now for a few years. And I have to admit, he's nice to look at, but good grief can his matches force a yawn. I think maybe his downfall started when someone in the writing department decided he should have a romantic pairing with Kelly Kelley. I've seen better acting in porn. What can this guy do? Pair up with Sheamus to form the tag team from across the pond no one can understand. Their interviews could have subtitles, it would be hilarious.

Are you with me now? Do you get my groove? Good, 'cause if you're not down with that, I got two words for ya. Sigh...the good ole days.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wrestlemania 28: Was it worth the 60 bucks?

Wrestlemania 28: Was it worth the 60 bucks?

Off the bat, let me say, I went back and forth all day about pressing in Wrestlemania. Let’s face it, sixty bucks is a hefty Pay-per-View price-tag. Finally, after reasoning it would cost more to bring my kids to the movies than watch this once a year event, I caved. Also the fact my husband was at work and had no idea what I was up to helped tremendously.
So, was it worth it, you ask? I could say the look on my kids’ faces when I told them they were watching it was enough to garnish the price, but that would just be hokey, no matter how true it may be. So, in a nutshell, sure it was worth it. It’s the Super Bowl of the WWE for Pete’s sake!
Highlights: (For the entire 4 hour shoe. Yes, I just said Four Freaking Hours! My eyes were practically bleeding by the end, but I made it)

1. Sheamus, arguably the whitest man to ever walk the face of the Earth, takes down the ever-annoying Daniel Bryan within the first couple of seconds of the match. I have no idea why Mr. Bryan got so much screen time this year, but was sure damned glad when Sheamus didn’t give him much last Sunday. Hopefully, Bryan will fade out of the limelight now. Or is that just the glow off Sheamus’s translucent skin? The world may never know.

2. The Big Show finally wins at Wrestlemania! This was a great treat in my house because my 8 year-old is a HUGE (no pun intended) Big Show fan! He had even watched Big Show: A Giant’s Tale DVD earlier that day! And seeing anyone beat Cody Rhodes is always an added bonus.

3. Team Johnny stuns Team Teddy. This match was just about as asinine as the Michael Cole match from last year. But, the kids enjoyed it.

4. CM Punk Beats Jericho. I have had a problem with the whole catch phrase for this match for weeks. The best wrestler in the world? Neither one of these guys are even the best on the card!

5. The Rock takes down John Cena! I have to admit I was surprised here. I never thought the WWE would take a movie star back (and leave again- see you again next Wrestlemania, Rock) and have him defeat the WWE poster boy. Reminded me a little of Hogan’s win over Shaun Michaels a few years back. (I'm aging myself) The old defeating the new (in a way) I wasn’t that happy then, wasn’t happy now.

AND THE match of the night, in my humble and usually correct opinion:

THE STREAK LIVES ON!!!! The Phenom goes 20-0 against Triple H. Not really a shocker. If Shawn Michaels didn’t break it, I can’t see why they would let anyone at this point. It is legend. The Undertaker will retire undefeated. Chairs were flying, and beatings on both sides. Watching The Dead man take down both members of DX (though, I’m a huge fan) is damned entertaining. But the highlight of this match happened after the bell, when The Undertaker helped guest referee Shawn Micheals carry the half-dead HHH from the ring. It was a great Wrestlemania 28 moment, maybe the best of the night.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Forgetting your password/ username blues

Okay, I admit memory is shot. That, and my paranoia of identity theft or stealing what little I have online has forced me to use different passwords for my different online accounts. Yep, a diffrent password for Facebook, for AOLmail (Yes, I am the last user), Peapod, Waldbaums, my bank account, the electric company, my phone carrier...the list goes on and on, I swear. But, finally, and the reason I'm all pissed off is the damn blogger passwrd/user name. I think my failure to remember them is what causes me not to write this blog as often as I should.

So, there I am, all ready with something to bitch about, and I think, "Hey, let me blog this." I go to sign on to my never-so-easy to use blogger account and I get the internet door slammed in my face. Now, if were easy to recover these vitally stupid passwords, I would not be in such a tizzy. But, that, of course, is not the case.

Firstly, they want to know if I want it emailed to me, or do I want to answer my security question, which half the time I get wrong. So, I opt for the email option. But, of course when they send the link, it doesn't highlight to go straight there, so I have to copy and paste thing humungous set of letters and other computer lingo crap that I won't even begin to try to figure out. After all this, Google keeps telling me the link has timed out! What? What does that even mean? So, I decide to bite the bullet, and try for my security question. Cue up the Jeopardy music. But BAM! to my surprise, it was an easy one, and I was on my way to recovering MY OWN DAMNED BLOG!

Next, and my favorite part of this ardious (did I just make that word up? possibly) procedure is my old friend RECAPCHA. Who was the madman who invented this? Not only is it impossible to interpret the strange hieroglyphic lettering, but for the love of GOD why can't they at least form actual words??? Is that really too much to ask for? So, I make a few failed attempts at trying to decipher the RECAPCHA code, each time they give me one that has a little bigger letters, and not so scrunched together. Thank you, recapcha people for making me feel like I need to soak my dentures and take a nap before bingo starts in an hour.

So finally, when I think I'm there. Why? Well, because, I see my home page. Yep, I'm home free, twenty minutes later than I wanted to, but who is counting. So, I go to post my rant about trying to get on my OWN DAMNED BLOG (forgetting completely the original blog I was so excited to write, by the way) and what happens? Google tries to get me to open a blog account. I'm like, hey, this is pretty familiar. Don't I have one already? Yes, you do, dear girl, relax. So, I decide to completely "x" out the whole session and start over. And I did. Which got me to where I am now, just more angered than before.

So, thank you Google, ReCAPCHA people and for making me fight for my right to blog stuff nobody reads. I appreciate it.