Friday, August 17, 2012

$49.95...Can I justify that PPV price?

Summer of the big WWE events of the year. So enthralled with the return of Shawn Micheals in this whole Lesnar-HHH feud, I have been engaging the thought of pressing in the Pay per View title. So, there I went, ready to have it all set for my DVR....then that's when I saw it...the price. $49.95????? Really. Wrestlemania was only like ten bucks more, and that is the event of the year. I maybe would have thought twice about 39.95.....but 50 bucks? No way. I know what you are thinking, it's only ten dollars more. Buck up, cheapskate. Those same thoughts ran through my mind for a few fleeting seconds,  so I understand them. Then as I set to push the dreaded "okay" command to authorize this robbery, I paused and looked at the torn window screen to the back of my house. And I thought, I bet you Vince cMahon doesn't have a torn screen. Yep, that's all it took. I then reasoned with myself, assuring my inner fan that I would pretty much see everything the next night on Raw, so don't feel so bad.

Which is the truth. With the new extra hour, that leaves plenty of padding. Usually, they just run replays of things that happned that night. Now they will have no choice then to pad that bad boy up with Summer Slam highlights. These are the thoughts that are getting me through this decision.

CM punk will defeat Big Show and Cena. Wouldn't be surprised to see The Rock.
HHH will defeat Lesnar, and a new feud between Micheals and HHH will emerge. Not liking that...Ii would much rather a DX re-occurance than these guys against each other.
Does anyone care about any of the other matches? Okay, let's pretend we do...
I would like to see Dolph Ziggler defeat Jericho. Jericho looks tired and bored to me.
Daniel Bryan will defeat Kane. Bryan is on fire as of late, and Kane is being used as part of the supporting
cast. Most likely a Charlie Sheen appearance, though no one knows quite why.
The Miz will defeat Rey Mysterio...The Miz has the potential to be a better superstar. His mike skills are pretty good. I think with a good storyline, he would improve them. I love Mysterio, but he doesn;t bring anything new to the plotlines. Especially since his duplicate, Sin Cara arrived.
The tag team match...ugh. Why does the WWE hate Kofi Kingston so much? This guy is so under-used it is tragic. Okay, he has a tag team championship belt. So what? The tag teams as of late are pathetic. The Cena/CM Punk tag team AJ threw together last week would easily beat any tag team around today.

After Summer Slam, can Brock Lesnar go away? I can only wish. His schtick is getting tiresome. Heyman helps his cause as his mouthpiece, but how long can The Beast play the same routine. Should he just break everyone is the WWE's arm? Can we just do it in one night and get it over with? I would like to see maybe him and Ryback is he is going to stay around. Lesnar wants to be champ, but he has yet to start a beef with one...One can only ask why?

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