Thursday, August 16, 2012


WWE Champion CM PUNK has been around for quite some time, but his time in the spotlight for the last few months has been nothing but completely enjoyable. Punk's charisma is something that is lacking in about 75% of the rest of WWE's roster, which is why they have to rely on veterans and comeback wrestlers to stir up any real fan attention. 

I am so glad The Punk has outgrown the ridiculous Nexus nonsense that the fans were spoon-fed way too often a couple of years ago. What has emerged is a very likeable, and very determined CM Punk. His "I deserve respect" rhetoric is getting old, but the truth is, he has an absolute point. The Rock's over-hyped mini-appearances never sat well with me.  Seeing CM Punk slam The Rock on Raw's 1000th episode was sheer awesomeness, and has opened the door for CM PUNK to be a very major player in the ring for years to come. Very nice to see after the ridiculous story-line before Wrestlemania between him and Chris Jericho. I want to see him face The Rock at the Royal Rumble this year, and I hope this victory goes to Punk...just like it should have gone to Cena at the last Wrestlemania. Yep, I said it.

CM PUNK gives me some hope for some personality for the next few years. Cena, and short appearances from HHH and past super-stars can only hold  up the show for so long. The new anti-hero in Punk is just what the WWE universe needed.

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