Thursday, August 16, 2012

AJ, Crazy Like A Fox....

Okay, the WWE divas appearances were always a good time to get up and grab a snack or take a bathroom break. But, AJ is just a whole 'nother story. Since this crazed mentally and verbally abused ex-girlfriend on Daniel Bryan arrived in the limelight Raw audiences have been mezmorized. It's not her looks, because let's be real, she looks very mousy next to the real-life Barbie that is Kelly Kelley. It is her mental instability that has bottle rocketed her popularity. I'm not sure what that says for us as fans, but it all makes for great television.

Since Vince McMahon made her general manager of Raw, the shows are very entertaining, even if the three hours may seem just a wee too long. Let's pretend I believe AJ is putting these matches together. CM Punk and Cena Vs. The Big Show and Bryan? Brilliant. Punk and Cena would make an unstoppable force as a tag team, if they could stop their pretend feud. Their comradary was apparanet during the match. Sometimes the WWE underestimates the fan's eyesight.
I'm not sure when I started to soften and enjoy the ever-looney Miss AJ. Maybe when she skipped out dressed in Kane-inspired attire around the ring, making the Big Red Monster follow her like a rat trailing after that fellow with the flute. Yep, that could be it. Either way, she has single-handedly changed my very low opinion of the WWE Diva, and that in itself is something else.

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