Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The New WWE Superstars Can't Live Up to The Legends.

This has bothered me for quite some time. What happened to the pizazz the "old" timers seemed to have that this new meat just don't got. Hear me out before you go shaking your head. Look at the WWE right now. Who do you want to watch? Any of the newer guys? Are you running in from the other room to catch Zack Ryder or Alex Riley? Why did Vince McMahon decide to resurrect The Rock after all these years to headline the biggest night in pro wrestling? One reason, the "new blood" has no character. No one stands apart from the others, and that just may become a problem when the legends really become too old to perform. Seriously, The Phenom looks like he may only have a year or so left in him. How many times is Triple H going to take off the suit to prove he can still lose? How long can Shawn Michaels tease the audience into thinking he's headed back to the ring? How many times can The Rock return? Brock Lesnar? Batista? Booker T? Stone Cold? Yes, we need them all back, simply stated because the current wrestlers are BORING, and if the shows solely relied on them, the arenas would be empty. John Cena is the only constant, and in return, he has half the fans booing the only charismatic player in the ring today.

Okay, let's break down some of the guys I'm talking about (The divas are irrelevant, I think we can all agree on that)

For example, David Otunga- First a back-up singer in Nexus, or was it The Core (both ridiculous, in that it happened almost at the same time. Originality is key, writers.), he resurfaces as a cover boy for Body and Fitness Magazine. Then, he aligns with Team Johnny- great another back-up role. When is this guy going to break out and do something? That is how the people remember you, something out of the ordinary. Hurry, before you disappear. My suggestion- turn on Laurenitus.

Another is Drew McIntyre- I don't know where to start with this fellow. He's been around now for a few years. And I have to admit, he's nice to look at, but good grief can his matches force a yawn. I think maybe his downfall started when someone in the writing department decided he should have a romantic pairing with Kelly Kelley. I've seen better acting in porn. What can this guy do? Pair up with Sheamus to form the tag team from across the pond no one can understand. Their interviews could have subtitles, it would be hilarious.

Are you with me now? Do you get my groove? Good, 'cause if you're not down with that, I got two words for ya. Sigh...the good ole days.

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