Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wrestlemania 28: Was it worth the 60 bucks?

Wrestlemania 28: Was it worth the 60 bucks?

Off the bat, let me say, I went back and forth all day about pressing in Wrestlemania. Let’s face it, sixty bucks is a hefty Pay-per-View price-tag. Finally, after reasoning it would cost more to bring my kids to the movies than watch this once a year event, I caved. Also the fact my husband was at work and had no idea what I was up to helped tremendously.
So, was it worth it, you ask? I could say the look on my kids’ faces when I told them they were watching it was enough to garnish the price, but that would just be hokey, no matter how true it may be. So, in a nutshell, sure it was worth it. It’s the Super Bowl of the WWE for Pete’s sake!
Highlights: (For the entire 4 hour shoe. Yes, I just said Four Freaking Hours! My eyes were practically bleeding by the end, but I made it)

1. Sheamus, arguably the whitest man to ever walk the face of the Earth, takes down the ever-annoying Daniel Bryan within the first couple of seconds of the match. I have no idea why Mr. Bryan got so much screen time this year, but was sure damned glad when Sheamus didn’t give him much last Sunday. Hopefully, Bryan will fade out of the limelight now. Or is that just the glow off Sheamus’s translucent skin? The world may never know.

2. The Big Show finally wins at Wrestlemania! This was a great treat in my house because my 8 year-old is a HUGE (no pun intended) Big Show fan! He had even watched Big Show: A Giant’s Tale DVD earlier that day! And seeing anyone beat Cody Rhodes is always an added bonus.

3. Team Johnny stuns Team Teddy. This match was just about as asinine as the Michael Cole match from last year. But, the kids enjoyed it.

4. CM Punk Beats Jericho. I have had a problem with the whole catch phrase for this match for weeks. The best wrestler in the world? Neither one of these guys are even the best on the card!

5. The Rock takes down John Cena! I have to admit I was surprised here. I never thought the WWE would take a movie star back (and leave again- see you again next Wrestlemania, Rock) and have him defeat the WWE poster boy. Reminded me a little of Hogan’s win over Shaun Michaels a few years back. (I'm aging myself) The old defeating the new (in a way) I wasn’t that happy then, wasn’t happy now.

AND THE match of the night, in my humble and usually correct opinion:

THE STREAK LIVES ON!!!! The Phenom goes 20-0 against Triple H. Not really a shocker. If Shawn Michaels didn’t break it, I can’t see why they would let anyone at this point. It is legend. The Undertaker will retire undefeated. Chairs were flying, and beatings on both sides. Watching The Dead man take down both members of DX (though, I’m a huge fan) is damned entertaining. But the highlight of this match happened after the bell, when The Undertaker helped guest referee Shawn Micheals carry the half-dead HHH from the ring. It was a great Wrestlemania 28 moment, maybe the best of the night.

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