Friday, March 9, 2012

Forgetting your password/ username blues

Okay, I admit memory is shot. That, and my paranoia of identity theft or stealing what little I have online has forced me to use different passwords for my different online accounts. Yep, a diffrent password for Facebook, for AOLmail (Yes, I am the last user), Peapod, Waldbaums, my bank account, the electric company, my phone carrier...the list goes on and on, I swear. But, finally, and the reason I'm all pissed off is the damn blogger passwrd/user name. I think my failure to remember them is what causes me not to write this blog as often as I should.

So, there I am, all ready with something to bitch about, and I think, "Hey, let me blog this." I go to sign on to my never-so-easy to use blogger account and I get the internet door slammed in my face. Now, if were easy to recover these vitally stupid passwords, I would not be in such a tizzy. But, that, of course, is not the case.

Firstly, they want to know if I want it emailed to me, or do I want to answer my security question, which half the time I get wrong. So, I opt for the email option. But, of course when they send the link, it doesn't highlight to go straight there, so I have to copy and paste thing humungous set of letters and other computer lingo crap that I won't even begin to try to figure out. After all this, Google keeps telling me the link has timed out! What? What does that even mean? So, I decide to bite the bullet, and try for my security question. Cue up the Jeopardy music. But BAM! to my surprise, it was an easy one, and I was on my way to recovering MY OWN DAMNED BLOG!

Next, and my favorite part of this ardious (did I just make that word up? possibly) procedure is my old friend RECAPCHA. Who was the madman who invented this? Not only is it impossible to interpret the strange hieroglyphic lettering, but for the love of GOD why can't they at least form actual words??? Is that really too much to ask for? So, I make a few failed attempts at trying to decipher the RECAPCHA code, each time they give me one that has a little bigger letters, and not so scrunched together. Thank you, recapcha people for making me feel like I need to soak my dentures and take a nap before bingo starts in an hour.

So finally, when I think I'm there. Why? Well, because, I see my home page. Yep, I'm home free, twenty minutes later than I wanted to, but who is counting. So, I go to post my rant about trying to get on my OWN DAMNED BLOG (forgetting completely the original blog I was so excited to write, by the way) and what happens? Google tries to get me to open a blog account. I'm like, hey, this is pretty familiar. Don't I have one already? Yes, you do, dear girl, relax. So, I decide to completely "x" out the whole session and start over. And I did. Which got me to where I am now, just more angered than before.

So, thank you Google, ReCAPCHA people and for making me fight for my right to blog stuff nobody reads. I appreciate it.

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