Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stone Cold's Return: a Little Too Much, A Little Too Late

So after many years of fan's anticipation, the WWE is toying with the idea of bringing back Stone Cold Steve Austin. Really? Now? And not until 2014...what? Steve, just in case you didn't know, you are not getting any younger. Will he be chugging beers or prune juice? I love Stone Cold, don't get me wrong, and would have loved to have seen him come back a few years ago...yes, a few years ago, not now. But, I understand with the WWE's lack of charisma in the current roster they rely on comebacks to keep the fan's interest.

So why bring back the the over-the-hill superstar?  After mulling this over in my mind, a few of opponents come to mind. The Rock, two part-time past superstars come to collide on Austin's last fight. Yep, I don't see Austin sticking around more than a year. There will be one feud.   Which leads me to believe in the more possible Wrestlemania match with The Undertaker. If this happens it means my prediction that Wrestlemania 29 will be Undertaker's last will be wrong. Yes, he will come back to take on Austin for 30, and then wrap it up. The Streak should never be broken, let The Phenom go out in style, please. Which again, leaves me scratching my head exactly why Austin would return to lose....My last prediction is Lesnar, which by no means would believably lose to Stone Cold, not now. Maybe back in the day when Austin was in his prime...but no, not now.

So, I am rolling with The Phenom Vs. Stone Cold in Wrestlemania 30. Gimme me a hell yeah...and then let's put these fellows on the shelf. It's time to get the current roster a chance to be better on the mike and stop relying on the past.

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