Saturday, September 22, 2012

Possible Opponents for CM PUNK?

Okay, I just read The Bleacher Report's article on possible opponents for CM PUNK at Hell In a Cell because John Cena, the WWE's seemingly only go-to title shot contender, is hurt. I would list the writer's name, but to tell you the truth I'm too embarassed of his picks to do that.

The only credible one on the list of 5 is Big Show. Why not? Before disappearing off the face of the WWE universe about a month or so ago, he was a huge contender (no pun intended), and in a major beef with both Punk and Cena. Why not give the big man a shot? His time is ticking.

Now to the other ridiculous options: (going from the yawn to the ludacris):

1. Rey Mysterio....Really? Now, I know he's a kid-pleaser and a main "good guy", but seriously? That's is like a third card match on any Monday Night Raw. Thinking of it puts me in a dream-like trance. Yawn.

2. Alberto Del Rio....I just don't know how this guy is continuously considered a top contender. His schtick is old, and quite frankly annoying. His skills are adequate, but he is no show-stopper. To me, Del Rio just isn't main event material. I just have to convince this to Vince McMahon.

3. Triple H....WTF? At this point in the article I was sure the writer may have been deep into a bowl of really intense weed. The Paul Heyman line of reasoning is ridiculous. Maybe the whole Brett Hart/ Cena/ Punk failed on-mike showdown where the WWE couldn't stop force-feeding us the parallels between the Hart/Shawn Micheals and Cena/Punk rivalry. Which would maybe bring in HHH to finally settle the King of Kings is better than HBK debate by defeating the new HBK in Punk because we all know the real HBK isn't coming back anytime soon. Yes, a huge stretch, like lycra over a fat lady's thighs.

4. The Undertaker????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Doesn't this guy realize the WWE has to reserve this guy for Wrestlemania? What the hell kind of feud could possibly be construed to get these guys in a match? A very lame and far-fetched one indeed.

Putting so much faith in Cena year after year has proven to be risky for the WWE. Until now, he always seemed to be up for the task. Time to start putting more eggs in the squared-circle basket.
So, who would I say is the best contender? Seeing The rock is being saved for The Royal Rumble....I would have to say.....

-  Sheamus...why not? Title versus title, that and Punk's bowing out of the match on Labor Day just adds feul to the fire. I think this would be a very worthy top-notch Hell In a Cell Match....and believable. At this point, the WWE really has little or no other option....well, one that doesn't suck, I mean. *cough* Del Rio *cough*....

If we only had Jeff Hardy, him and Punk would be a damned great match....I know, I'm dreaming (though not for much longer- Hardy's TNA contract is up soon!)....and best of all, I'm not yawning!

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