Thursday, October 4, 2012



So, the WWE is concerned over the dismal ratings it has received the past couple of weeks. Well, they should be, but, are they really surprised? I had my finger on the fast forward button through about 85% of the show, and let me tell you I was damned grateful for DVR at the time.

What the hell are they doing to CM PUNK? He is even looks bored with the routine at this point. Ever since Heyman came around, this storyline has plummeted. Punk doesn't need a mouthpiece. He's one of the best on-mike talents in the WWE, and has been for some time. I get they needed Heyman to really cement the fact Punk was a heel, but at this point it's like they are force-feeding a toddler spinach. The WWE fans aren't complete morons. Punk, alone, against the WWE  made a more compelling storyline. This is predictably going to end with Ryback kicking Punk's ass...who knows how long that will take. And I'm really not that excited to tune in to find out.

Big Show? Um, what happened to that feud with CM Punk and Cena. All of a sudden, it's Sheamus and Big Show. Yawn. The WWE did a superb job of killing Big Show's fan base. He was much more effective as a good guy. I get it, the WWE is trying to mix things up, trying to get some drama going to make up for the lack of talent and charisma in the locker room. But, let's face it. It just isn't working.

So, what to do? Most likely, bring back a past Super Star. Or pull some aces from their back pocket storage, names like Triple H (but that probably won't happen til closer to Wrestlemania time), The Rock (Royal Rumble Time!), Brock Lesnar (I see this guy going against Ryback)...and maybe the return of Batista, who can eventually also face Lesnar. I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again just for good measure. Please WWE, get Jeff Hardy back when his TNA contract runs out. Pretty please with sugar on top...We'll call it the return of the ratings, as well as a great super star.

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