Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lesner Can't Even Save Hell In A Cell...


So, the WWE rumor-mill has a possible Brock Lesner return for this Sunday's Hell In a Cell, to help CM Punk retain his championship against the intimidating Ryback. Sure, this sounds like an exciting surprise to an overall lack-luster card...but it makes no sense.

Okay, Punk being a "Paul Heyman Guy" aligns him ith the other Heyman guy, Lesner. And a Lesner-Ryback match-up seems a bit intriguing, even though Ryback's too fast rise to the top of the WWE heap troubles me. I mean, this is Brock Lesner. And he is coming back for Ryback? And coming back for Ryback so he can make sure CM Punk retains the WWE title? Why would he want anyone to have the title besides himself?

With that said, and even though it is a lame segway, I feel certain this will happen. Why? Because the Hell in a Cell card is not worth the PPV price tag. Hell, it's not even Monday Night Raw worthy. Let's break this down match by match...

1) Randy Orton Vs Alberto Del Rio...Why is Del Rio still relevant...or better yet when will the WWE realize he is not. This is a Smackdown match at best.

2) Kofi Kingston Vs. The Miz... Okay, I love Kingston as much as the next person, and it about time the WWE gives this talent his due....but The Miz? I'd much rather see Dolph Ziggler and Kingston....but, since Ziggler does little else but hold on to that Money in the Bank briefcase these days, I can see why this feud hasn't made it to the forefront.

3) Team Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars. The team of Bryan/Kane is a much-needed comedy relief to the current, very long-winded three hour Raw episodes...and have the talent to back it up. Daniel Bryan impresses me more and more. The skill level of Hell No should make this no-brainer, but the WWE has to pretend that Sandow and Rhodes are compatible. (and besides the pathetic Prime Time Players seem to be the only other "heel" team around to face the crowd-loving Hell No team- and no one needed to see that)

4) Shaemus Vs Big Show...This feud was pulled out of thin air, and just reads forced every week we have to swallow it. Big Show just doesn't cut it as the heel anymore. Shaemus should win this one, and retain his is really not a match people really seem to care about...and that is a big problem at the end of the PPV day.

Finally, the big one....CM Punk Vs. Ryback...which, I already covered...Lesner's return to spoil this match and set up a more fitting feud between himself and Ryback (yet giving up any belt hopes) will be how Punk keeps this title. Because there is no way Ryback should hold it.

So, is a possible Lesner's rumored return enough to help people want to buy into to this mess of a card? Not for me...but definitely enough for me to tune into the recently very-boring Monday Night Raw the next night.

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