Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Hills

Okay, since the much-touted return of Kristin Cavallari, I am completely obsessed with this show.

Okay, some points...

Is any relationship on this show real?of course not. This group is by far the worst reality actors I've seen. Yet, I can't seem to stop watching them!

-Spencer and Heidi...good Lord, that's a train wreck if I ever saw one. I see DIVORCE in their futute. Shocking, I know.

-Audrina...sigh. Stop it already. I swear she is morphing into Lauren Conrad's role on the show. Not going out, avoiding all confrontation...WE the viewers like confrontaion, Aud. Just so you know. Now, get your ass back in the ring. And come on...going on a lunch date with Justin's friend...bad move, Miss Obsessed.

Kristin...NO NO pining over Justin Bobby's cold shoulder. Move the maneater we keep hearing about. They shove the word down our throats enough that it should bare some significance. Right?

Justin...sigh...Beardless and fine. Though, I cannot understand a word the guy mumbles, I really don't care. He is eye candy, and a damned good character.

Brody... on the other hand, is a boring character. Less Brody please.

Jayde...crikeys! She frightens me. Who did her face? He should not be practicing anywhere!

How the hell did the bartender get in the show so much?

The rest of the lot, I could care less about.

I must say, next Tuesday cannot come quickly enough for me.

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