Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Wendy Williams Show

Okay, I have watched this a couple of times. I should be slapped for the return viewing. I do not understand how this is on prime-time .(okay, it's channel nine, I have no idea what the network is anymore. Nor, do I really care)
I thought Tyra Bank's show was cheese ball...but this one. It takes the proverbial (cheese) cake.
Little paper cut-outs of Kardashians...why?
Are these people that interesting...?

Is it me, or does Wendy have Carmella Soprano's accent?

I liked her better the radio, she seemed to have more edge. Her ragging now, is the same stuff we hear over and over again...about people everyone is sick of hearing about.

Come on, Wendy...get raw. This show isn't for need late night.

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