Monday, March 16, 2009

TV...why do you suck?

Seriously, I have like 500 channels, so why is there nothing interesting on anywhere?
Is it me? Have I just been given too many choices now that I cannot decide on just one. Have I become addicting to channel surfing? Truth by told, I have a hard time sitting though a commercial break anymore. I find myself searching for other shows or snippets of movies to fill in that 2 minutes and twenty seconds of the show's off-time. I know, it sounds completely I MUST have control of everything I watch, refusing to bend to sit through a commercial that I did not chose to watch. It's madness.

Maybe it's not me. Maybe people have just accepted these sub par shows and movies to watch.For example, once in a blue moon, I break down and press in a "Pay Per View" movie...the latest being PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. Okay, I had heard great things about's hilarious, sooo funny, yadda yadda yadda. First off, is it possible to make a comedy anymore without Seth Rogan? He's in everything! I like him and all, but man, talk about overkill. Secondly, the movie was mildly amusing, not hilarious, as I was led to believe. Have these people ever seen a great comedy before that this movie got so much hype? I am losing faith in Hollywood. They have no sense of humor. Thirdly, I seriously could care less what happened. I have been finding this happening more and more. I just lose interest and feel like turning movies off mid-way, even if I just spent $4.95 to watch them. Okay, so maybe it's me. I expect too much, I guess.

I mean, for instance, HBO and all your little sister channels like HBO Comedy, HBO Family...why do you seemingly play the same movies every day? Variety people. There are some movies I literally have not seen in years. Why doesn't any of these channels show them instead of airing NEVER BEEN KISSED seven to ten times a week? When I was younger, a small child in Queens, New York, we have the "Four-thirty Movie" on ABC, every weekday. "The Planet of the Apes" marathon, Charles Bronson week, Clint Eastwood week. Now, those were the days my friends.
"Rich Man Poor Man" shown in five parts...ahhhh. Good stuff.

Kung Fu Saturdays! Anyone remember those? The Chinatown Kid, The Five Fingers of Death, Bruce Lee classics. I mean, these are the things a kid would look forward to. An Abbott and Costello movie every Sunday morning after church. Everyone had their favorite. Mine was Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. I hadn't seen that in, I swear, maybe twenty years, then lo and behold HBO aired it a few weeks ago. I know, I was in shock as well...but I must admit, kudos to you fine programming people at HBO for taking a chance once in awhile. Very rarely, but once is better than none.

We worked with seven channels growing up, and we were happier! The Wizard of Oz was on ONCE a year...That's it! No DVD, no cable, no VHS, no TIVO, no DVR...ONCE! You missed it, then too bad, you had to wait another whole year to see it. Same with It's a Wonderful Life, The Grinch That Stole Christmas. Geez, I can't tune on cartoon network during the Christmas Season that I don't hear Karloff's creepy voice telling me about Wooville and the roast beast. Overkill destroyed television. Too many channels, too many choices and ownership of movies and classic shows cheapened everything. We are a spoiled society, and television is one of the many things we have seen drastically change during my lifetime. A very small example of our society's overkill, but valid all the same.

Okay, that's all for now, I have to catch a missed episode of True Blood on HBO on Demand ;) Okay, sometimes, I like being spoiled, just a bit.

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