Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well, this will be my first time atempting this. "Wait," you ask, "What is this Nanowriting you speak of?"

Well, glad you asked. I had no idea until about a month ago when some super writers at Zoetrope were discussing it. Well, on the site, you sign up to take part in this crazy experiment with yourself to write a novel in a MONTH! And November is THE month.

They just want you to sit and write, write , write...no editing. Just thoughts, just get the puppy down.

Okay, Halloween and three suck kids and taking a 10 hour online course that took over my weekend has set me back on my goal. I am waaaay behind in my Nanowriting.

But, priorities come first...

Until, I completely fail at this, I am able to proudly display my badge.

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