Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sarah Palin....go away

The media blitz around this woman is really irritating. Even Oprah, the goddess of all media decided finally to interview her, not during the presidential campaign, but now...hmmmm.

Why not? Ultra liberal media is spoon-feeding this moron to the world, trying to force feed her down the throat of the next election's voters...why? Because, she won't one could in a right mind would vote for this woman, no matter how bad a job Mr. Obama is doing.

What qualifications does this woman have to run a country that DESPERATELY needs someone who knows what they are doing. (cough* McCain *cough) America dropped the ball passing up on him. I think Palin is the reason, yet, she is on the forefront to run in 2012???? That is the WTF moment that makes my republican head spin. Where the hell is Mitt Romney? Is he hog-tied somewhere? How did this woman knock him out of every one's mind? MEDIA coverage...yep, answered that myself. Easy to answer your own questions....

Not that I was a Romney fan, but he is head over heels more qualified that this lady...Judging by the lame-o job Obama is doing, I think "change" and picking a nominee on charisma and not experience or answers on how this change is happening is a REALLY bad idea. America, you voted for a car salesman, all get robbed. well, if you are middle-class...the rich could care less, they have dough to blow. The poor gets everything handed to them...and we pay, as usual. (okay, I side-tracked, I tend to politically rant at times...forgive)

In a nutshell, don;t make the mistake again...GOP find someone quick...someone QUALIFIED to take this chump out of office. That someone is NOT Sarah Palin.

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