Friday, January 8, 2010

Best Movies of the Last Decade....yep

Scanning through lists and lists from each year in the last decade, I have to admit I got bored and stopped at 2007…yep, that means, I didn’t add The Dark Knight. Yeah, I liked it, but really could care less if I ever watched it again.

2004, what a crap year….

2006, what a sick, sick year in film…too bad they didn’t spread some of these over the other years in the decade.

Okay…. Here we go: (I’m too lazy to fix spelling)

20. Shallow Hal…this movie is just damned funny. The Farrelly Brothers never fail.

19. The 25th Hour…Spike Lee, never better

18. Me, Myself and Irene…Jim Carrey has never been funnier

17. Snatch…this is the best Guy Ritchie will ever do

16. The Magdalene Sisters…heart-wrenching, acting never better...true stories crush me

15. Saw…best original horror film of the decade

14. American Psycho…best pseudo-horror film of the decade

13. Little Miss Sunshine…endearing, cast is just insane. Comedic genius.

12. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon…In a word, sweeping, though I love House of Flying Daggers maybe a bit more, I believe without CT,HD, House would not have been conceived.

11. Eastern Promises...the decade needed a good serious mob movie, this is it.

10. Walk The Line…and a good bio-pic

9. Apocalypto…Gibson proves he knows what he’s doing, at least behind the camera

8. Finding Nemo…more entertaining than Wall-E, IMO

7. Kill Bill, Volume 1…the anime scene pushes this one above Volume 2

6. Pan’s Labarynth...Del Toro, sick war villain, and a kid’s fairytale…nice

5. Memento…a movie in reverse, why not?

4. Million Dollar Baby…Eastwood is untouchable

3. Gladiator…all hail Russell Crowe, and the evil Joaquin

2. Almost Famous…doesn’t get much better...Kate Hudson, remember when it seemed like you could act?

1. In America…best of the decade…Unless, you are are heartless soul, this movie will take a hold and not let go.

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The Kid In The Front Row said...

it doesn't get any better than ALMOST FAMOUS :D